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i really liked the clowns why did you make me kill them :(

i dont think i shoulda punched the music box 😐


I felt so bad killing ms. stretch. she looked like she was in so much pain.

This is so cool, I loved playing it


Weird as hell but I still luv it 

Yes indeed, very weird but fun at the same time


overall all very nice and simple game that is scary but RIP to the people who have a fear from clowns

I love this game. Really atmospheric.


I hate clowns so much and this game was the nightmare fuel for my next 8 weeks. I upload 3 pro edited reaction compilations a day so if you wouldn't mind subscribing it would help me make this my career. but anyway, please enjoy this 3 minute long reaction compilation.

Felt bad for all of the clowns we hurt, they all looked so upset :(

nooo mr.handy :(

THIS GAME WAS SO SO COOL!! i felt really bad when hurting the clowns, especially Mr. Handy :( I really enjoyed the vibe and the visuals!! 10/10


dude this was amazing

Poor dolls...Except for two dolls.

I had to hurt clowns.. bad time 0<:o(
(this was really good!! the art is very pleasing

loved it! A very casual yet creepy game. Definitely a favorite. Keep up the good work!

I liked. It´s heeeere :)


The first thing I did was break the music box... I just want turn off.... it's dark

This was an absolute blast to play and (excuse my french) quite fuckin creepy lol

To the devs man, you guys are awesome and I look forward to more projects from you guys. Keep grindin and keep up the fantastic work. Definitely earned my follow :)

To my wonderful audience here on thank you so much for your guys support and love. Hope to see more of you guys on the channel feel free to come say "hi" in the comments, always love hearin from you.

Stay Safe Stay Positive 



This was quite the unsettling game! I admit, I felt myself cringe after being forced to hurt the innocent happy looking exhibits. Great play overall.


wow just wow! I have a fear of clowns and this made me terrified when it started getting twisted good job gave me a good scared


I felt so bad about mrs stretch and the water guy, they were so cute

This game is great! Very nostalgic to old horror themed flash games. I want more from you!

This was really cool! I'm a big fan of point and click games, especially in the horror genre. This one did not disappoint. Unsettling from the start, superb character design, fun and simple puzzles, and I love how everything starts breaking down over time and becoming more and more disturbing. I really enjoyed this! Great work!

Love your videos, and thank you for playing!

I really enjoyed this! The subtle changes, and the obvious changes, the jumpscares, the atmosphere, all of it was very well done! Great job! 


anyone know of games similar to this?? i really liked it

Funny and scary game, i'm like it))


this game made me feel bad and good at the same time, good horror and great game play 

Keep it up


i feel like the bad guy here


Pretty cool game! I got here from r/webgames. At first I went "is that it?" but going through the second time around was both disturbing and entertaining. Forcing the player to hurt things is always a really creepy trick in horror games, and it was well done here. I like how varied the clowns were, and the use of the flashing images and sound effects, like the red meat image and the snapping rope image. Changing the background photos after destroying each clown was a nice detail. I think my favorite is the jack in the box that turns its own lever.

God this was such a fantastic game!! So excited to see what else you come up with !!


I wanted to stop, I just wanted to go home, I had too much excitement for one day! (I really loved this!!!!)


This Was actually GREAT!!!

Wow, that was absolutely terrifying! In my first playthrough I broke the music box so I understand why the clown was mad, but in my second playthrough I made sure not to touch it and he still tried to murder-ify me. Was it because I didn't reset the exhibits when I was done with them?

Also wow I felt bad hurting those poor clowns, especially Mr Handy....


this is so cool!!!!!


A short but sweet and completely normal little cute game. Fun for the whole family.


Definitely a normal little cute game... Nothing creepy going on here!

Love your videos!

Thank you so much!! And I loved playing your game

Not even gonna lie was kinda simping for Ms. Stretch.


So you’re simping for a child- 🤨 📸 

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Breh what if im a child :/ And who said they were a child???

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In the game it shows the backstory of how they died when the lights turn off. So technically, she died when she was a child so she’s just a child trapped inside the body of a puppet-thing.  (If you didn’t know this, play the game again.) 


antis are even on itch now wtf

Deleted 243 days ago

Your not the only one

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