You arrive at a curious circus-themed exhibit.

Music is playing faintly in the background.

The exhibits are interactive.

Explore, enjoy, and do not upset the clown.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, clown, Creepy, Hand-drawn, Horror, html5, Mouse only, Psychological Horror, Short
Code licenseUnlicense
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes


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ngl, mr washy kinda...;).


not ms. stretch :(((

she was so cute

I was always scared of clowns and now I'm even more terrified of clowns than I was before....


This game is a masterpiece! I love the art, but feel bad for the other clowns, especially Ms. strech :(

Might have to make some fanart tho! <3

I faced my biggest fear with this game and LOVED IT! 

I love this game! I feel bad for the other clowns like Mr.Handy and Ms.Stretch :(

Thank you for this amazing game!
You can check my full game playthrough here: 

Woah woah woah! The game is scary even with the 2D art. If I would have played in full-screen mode, definitely a heart attack! Enjoyed this game!

100/10 <3

THIS IS SOOO GOOD AND SO SAD AT THE SAME TIME, Im not a fan of jumpscares but i still enjoy scary stuff so this is so perfect for me, the details about some of their backstories are so sad, i feel bad about what i did lol, this is rlly good, short game.

i absolutely adore the art and the experience of playing this game. 10/10 <3

This was super cool! I felt really bad doing that to Ms. Stretch she's cute :(


Def one of the more creepier games I've played, and all with 2D art. I love it!!

THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!11!11!!!!!

Could i make fan art for the "dolls"



very good


It kinda makes me sad seeing the little glimpses of their backstories (?). I feel like they were innocent kids lured here by the yellow nosed clown just to die.


un juego muy interesante, corto pero que llega al punto, proyecta una ligera incomodidad al interactuar con los payasos y en definitiva muy atractivo al publico


Revisited this game, because why tf not, and I gotta say, this game is good. Just a small warning, don't kill the clowns while eating. It may cause loss of appetite.  But other than that, amazing game.

And I don't like clowns, so that's saying something. :)


Poor clowns :(

Nobody gonna talk about how cool Jack in The Box was though?


Glad you thought Jack was cool. He was hard to animate.


percy likes men

good puzzle game


great game 9.5 out of 10

I wonder if the lore is that the main character is a killer and the clowns just represent that

what would the jack in the box and the clown in the painting mean then


Esse jogo é assustador- coitado dos outros palhaços 

não fizeram nada os bixin ;-;... O jogo é otimo tirando a

violencia estrema ;-;


I felt so bad :[[[ I didn't wanna kill the clowns :[[[


pretty spooky i gotta say! and really sad cause all the clowns are so cute and then... :(

beautifully crafted game 




The game has a unique atmosphere just like the Mandela catalogue and backrooms loved it

The art was incredible it made me some sort of false sense on security while also creeping me the hell out. The music was perfectly eerie. 10/10  

holy fuck- the begin was a box and when i started i didnt know what i was pressing bc it was ALL THE WIP THING WTH-

is my game hacked or did i forget the controls


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Super Duper fun game and very much captures the experience of going to a cursed circus lol!  Great game! 

(1 edit) (+1)

This game was incredible, I love the art style! I felt so bad because I genuinely thought all of the clowns were cute, and they seemed so sweet! Except for, well, you know... But it was amazing! I can't believe it only took you 4 months, that's pretty good for a game of this quality! Incredible work! I'd love to know if there was more backstory behind each of the clowns lol

Edit: I completely forgot to mention how awesome some of the little details are, I'm not sure if doing/reading specific things changed the ending at all, but it sure was a lot of fun to see what things I missed the first time around!


Why i have to killed the clowns :(


thats a long neck

Nicely done. That was fantastic and creepy throughout.


I feel so bad for ms.stretchy

she was so cute


felt bad breaking his fingers and stretching her arm :(


this is the saddest game I've ever played i love clowns and i hurt them and they were so cute :,(


they were all so cute but I hurt them 

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