You arrive at a curious circus-themed exhibit.

Music is playing faintly in the background.

The exhibits are interactive.

Explore, enjoy, and do not upset the clown.

Windows download now available.

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Updated 19 days ago
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(934 total ratings)
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, clown, Creepy, Hand-drawn, Horror, html5, Mouse only, Psychological Horror, Short
Code licenseUnlicense
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes


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i hated having to hurt the clowns at the end D:


i loved it :D


absolutely loved torturing them. i needed some scare and the taste of relief, although i hated when the screen flashed i didnt want to hurt mrs. stretch gave her some pets then i ripped off her arm <3 This game is pretty good, it doesnt use glitch screens like most of indie horror games!

Finally got around uploading the stream highlight of when I played this last year, it was amazing, scary and put me in a sweat.. I am very much scared of clowns... and this game is amazing with its scares


Does anything different happen when you destroy the music box at the start of the game?

yes, They just give u the music box in the end


played this with my friend, we both shit ourselves. good game馃憤


I love clowns and this game made me sad.


Ikr I felt so bad about hurting them

I'm traumatized. 


This reminds me of a game... I think it was called Sweet Tooth or smth


I'm actually interested in the lore-

What happened to all of those clowns? I really wanna replay a couple times and see some new stuff that might be off.

I think Ms. Stretch was full on raped, which explains her expressions on the pictures, as well as how her arm was torn.. Might just be me, tbh

Loved everything about this game. I even went back and played it a few more times to see if I missed anything. Amazing job! Can't wait to see more from you.

Revisiting that game and it's still awesome. It is impressive how the simplicity of the game manages to express so much charisma in the characters and, at the same time, create an atmosphere of horror that pleases.


I love the character design, each character had a unique feature that corresponds with their back story which I thought was neat. the artstyle overall is just fantastic, it doesn't use lens distortions or pixilations or blurrings like 90 percent of indie horror games, just plain simplistic and well drawn animations and sprites. I always enjoy short and unique games like these where it doesn't require you to be skilled at anything but can still excite you. the game isn't gory or overly scary but it still creeps you out. the best part of a horror game is that unsettling feeling you get when you know you're in danger but danger isn't directly in front of you, and this game had a perfect amount of that. I did expect this game to be some sort of a clicker puzzle and was a little dissappointed that is isn't, but thats a personal opinion and making it easier to progress may help keeping the player more interested anyway, so :/

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Mr Handy

Love your drawing!

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they did my man dirty frfr


Nooo I feel so bad for Mrs Stretch and Mr Hands 馃槶馃槶


spooky but sad :(


I love the pictures they really show some kind of background like if they were humans before or if they were dead  they had lives before

This game was, pretty disturbing, and it seems great! Just, if there was an application for it instead of playing the browser, it'd be great.



I really enjoy this game


Really enjoyed this game, just wish there was a way to play it anywhere but on the browser.

Now added a windows download.

Thank you so much!!


I wanna hug ALL OF EM

This game is so cool, one of the scarier games I've played on here for sure

So well made, I love this sm 

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Clown Gaming! very well made game imo.
Can't wait too see more from you!

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aw man its a browser only game  :( its laggy for me 1 frame per 15 seconds

I made a windows downloadable version which should run faster.

is good!


ms stretch is my favorite. im sad. i didn't want to break her arm off :(


the look of absolute agony that i saw in Mr. Handy's face just petrifies me.

im crying so hard rn i cant believe it jack kinda bad tho :/// 

Super jeu j ai beaucoup aimer

C est la premiere fois que j ai de la peine pour des clowns...

i had fun torturing them (:

umm u ok

no am not ok

i was looking for thid grsm and finallyi found it


it was so cute intel uh- nvm but this game was cute and scary i loved it!

is horrible with mr handy and the red key...

that supose to scare me??? cs the game scared SCARED me 

The clowns r cute


R.I.P to the cute clowns :(


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