You arrive at a curious circus-themed exhibit.

Music is playing faintly in the background.

The exhibits are interactive.

Explore, enjoy, and do not upset the clown.

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(1,380 total ratings)
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, clown, Creepy, Hand-drawn, Horror, html5, Mouse only, Psychological Horror, Short
Code licenseUnlicense
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes


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this type of games are so good! can anyone suggest me other games like this. Like point and click style horror or something

Loved the game pretty creepy 馃枻
Muy buen juego, algo corto pero se disfruta, los personajes est谩n bien dibujados y son incre铆bles los detalles conforme pasas de escenario.

Very good horror game !

GOOD GAME. Suka banget artnya, entah kenapa rasanya menyenangkan pas awal-awal, tapi pas sudah jadi jahat rasanya sedih banget. 

This was a really good little game- I like games that are just like point and click- and this was really good. COULD of been creepier- but what you did here was GREAT! Wish it was longer, but thats just because it was so good! <3

I didn't expect much, but this game in my opinion is really good, I liked it!

sick game 馃樇wish it was longer tho

What an adorable little clown game! Nothing can go wrong here!

Great game! I really enjoyed exploring the exhibits, and all the personality you gave to the characters. I was expecting all of the characters to be evil, but it was really interesting that we where the ones harming them in the end. I felt so bad for the Hands clown :'). The art was beautiful and overall great experience! Cant wait to see more! :)

This was a great one and had such a horrifying feel and the flashes imagery where stunning , Great job with this game and keep up the great work!

Super late to this one, but so glad I eventually played it! Loved how each clown is interactable with the dark lore behind them!

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Really cool game

the stretchy one was hot

That's crazy-

Is it really tho

im sorry?


love this game but I kinda wish there were more of them and they become increasingly harder and scarier but I still love it either way <33

something ain't right about that clown...


i love jack in the box


I played your game for my 3 scary game video series. Your game was the 3rd in this video. I expected a horror game but not a disturbing game! These clowns...the game was unsettling. You did an amazing job! I felt so bad inflicting harm on them....

This was scary... the broken finger... *puke sounds

there so eppy


My friend enjoyed torturing people in this game 馃槰




this game is cute and scary at same time, I love it !

gameplay pt-br

This game was very good


An interesting short game. Very nice atmosphere and it makes you feel so nervous. Good :)


This was REALLY fun :)


This was really good??  I feel bad for Ms. Stretch :((



(1 edit) (+2)

Loved playing this - I hope there is more to come! 

Glad you liked it and made a video of it too!


the clown i felt the worse about hurting was the one i ripped her arm off :( 

(it is still an amazing and short experience)

(1 edit) (+3)

Absolutely loved this game! Everything has such great detail and the whole time it's really suspenseful, I especially loved how the name plates changed when you go through it the second time [SPOILERS]  after breaking the clowns.


Nice game! I just wanna say that the paintings were really cool details.


played through 3 times. is there any difference when i break the box or not i know at the end he pushes it through the door if its not broken i just want to make sure i didnt miss anything. Also i didnt notice i could click the stars and they would have faces until my second run through. verry good game

This seems to have some parallels from FNaF, which I find interesting. All the kids who are now dolls were forced in by the joker, who now uses them as an exhibition of sorrows.

Spoilers from here:

I feel like Kid1 died because of lung issues. In the drawing wherein we inflate the hell out of him, his lungs seem to be destroyed. Either he succumbed to some lung issue, or the clown lured him in and pumped helium (well, industrial air pump) onto his lungs so much that he died from that and then became a puppet. He did like balloons so he got inflated up like that in some sick, sadistic way. 

As for the faucet man, I don't know his death much besides probably faucet impaling him. Could be a premeditated murder of some sort, with the clown deliberately loosening up the screws in his house. He liked being clean, so I guess clown did it by making sure he is still in a tub of water. I like to think that he has no idea he even died.

I feel like gloves would be either a father who loves his kids very much and was there to help them, an employee in some circus for which the clown was working, or another child who liked to help others of some sort. He looks very encouraging and supportive, which is why I have the vibes of him being an older person (or maybe he's just some sort of an elder sibling). Probably died because the clown took him finger by finger and he somehow bled to death that way.

Stretchy girl seems to be the curious kid who was very excited to go there but the clown basically forced her to come with him. When she refused, he dragged her hand and therefore she stretches. (Or I guess she was stretching out for her parents which makes it look like that)

Jack in Box was probably a ruthless sort of killer imo, either some sort of psycho kid or clown's fellow worker who accepted this.

All these kids were definitely alive as we were torturing them (balloon kid expressed stuff and even if they all had facial expressions, it seemed authentic when he gave sounds) and wilting of flowers were probably some sort of representation of how their innocence faded away (or time passed, alternatively...or, I guess, just how dark their future was afterwards). 

Given the red keys are to represent blood (and to an extent, death?) I assume the clown died and we reactivated him by honking his nose. The ending he threw us is probably wherein he made us like one of them, but I wish we got a small additional cutscene about opening our eyes, seeing kid(s) in front of us, it going dark and have those kids either turned or torturing us / activating us in some way. Either ways, cool concept, would like to know about MC more.


This was so good!


I loved this game so much, but I wish there was a passive ending (I haven't seen one if there is) cause I feel so bad haha, but I love all the characters! Even Jack-in-the-box


wow good work


Such an amazing game! Really gave me chills and I was really surprised when I saw the hand-drawn tab for this game. Really good job!

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