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i cried while playing the game but its awsome too!

Man this game was unexpected 😳 Loved how it got me in the first half then flipped to madness! 

this game is so awsome!

all i get is png files am i doing something wrong when i download i

no, i'm assuming the downloadable files are just image resources for people planning to make YouTube videos about the game


to be honest, i watched a youtuber play this and never thought to come upon it on! even though i knew what the game was about and how it worked, it certainly didn't ruin  my experience. i  liked how we got to break the clowns; it was a lot of fun and added to the excitement! thank you very much for making this game! <3

For someone that isn't typically scared of clowns, this was super well done with sound and art style to make me feel super uneasy! Well done! Really cool short horror experience! 

привет!Нам очень понравилась эта игра-хотелось бы увидеть историю развития в развитии

I was extremely pleasantly surprised by this game! Normally I absolutely hate clowns, but in some weird way this game made me feel bad for hurting them. It ultimately made me feel like I deserved whatever was coming to me for hurting them haha

I love how this game really plays in on that unsettling/disturbing kind of horror, more so than just leading up to a cheap jumpscare at the end. So all in all a really well made game in my opinion! Great work!!

it was fun and scary

i don't think i'll sleep good tonight but this game was amazing

Explicación de la historia y todas las posibles teorías del juego!

My favorite character was Mr. Handy, I felt so guilty breaking is fingers.🥲



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Congrats. I liked it :)




amazing game dude great job!


I like to think of small Indie games as digital toys -- you spend a few spare minutes fiddling with them and, when finished, carry on with your life (i.e. eating chicken). This game fits that role very well. It is a small, easy story with simple gameplay. Going beyond that, however, it is also characterized by interestingly symbolic gameplay, a well-formed mystery, and neat art. Nice work.

Things I liked:

  • Art was nice, colour scheme was good, and music was good.
  • Gameplay, though minimal, was used for effective symbolism.
  • Good small experience. The game didn't overuse its premise by being too long.

Things I disliked:

  • Ms. Stretch's hand vibrated over the red button. This was probably not intentional, and could easily have been fixed.
  • Certain props from previous rooms were visible during the transition between rooms. I don't know if that was intentional or not, but it felt like a bug to me.
  • Inflating the clown.
  • Failing the chicken challenge.

Altogether, I think this game shows that its developer has promise. With some luck, this could end up as the new meme-game for 13-year-olds. Otherwise, it could be a good project for a resume. Either way, it was neat and I wish the developer good fortune in their future endeavors.


Thanks for the detailed feedback! Perhaps someday I'll make a game that beats the chicken challenge. 

i was so sorry for mr. handy, and still am his smile and evryone elses smiles were so wholesome :'(   oh well! good game :D


Awesome game, shame I had to drown my boy Washy...


fr bro like he was like my top favorit

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It hurt doing this.. Poor Mrs Stretch :')


I felt so bad for Mr. Handy and Mrs. Stretch! I really loved the game though, the display of emotions really did it for me.


i cant download it i need help all it shows up are the art plz help

No download needed, you play the game in the browser. Wait a bit for the game to load and there should appear a large button called "BEGIN".

i know but i wanna do it offline

It's so nice Game I won


i love the clowns's designs, especially ms.strech and mr.handy

Horrifying...but also kinda cute...?

Alright, this might be my favorite

This game is absoloutely amazing, therally horrified 10/10

non ho ben capito la storia, chi è il vero cattivo? Perchè stiamo uccidendo i clown? non ho ben capito la storia, chi è il vero cattivo? Perché stiamo uccidendo i clown?  E piccola curiosità mentre uccidiamo i clown abbiamo dietro le foto delle loro backstories e quando muoiono gli occhi delle foto vengono censurati

my understanding is that the jack in the box and the painting clown without a name are the bad guys. there can be two villains. and we kill the other clowns, similar to the way they died as humans, to get the key. there may be more to the story line than that but idk just enjoy the game!

cool game!

Clowns used to make me uneasy.

Now they make me terrified.

Love the buildup of tension! Great work!


this kind of game is the kind that you wouldnt get bored from replaying over and over. luv it, tysm for making this game!

3 million heart attacks later....I love the game.

Great Game! Very Fun

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One of the few games I've replayed countless times. I made some short videos about the game. Here's a video showing, in slow motion, the death frames of the clowns. Great game!

i had a lot of fun playing this!:D

I was scared of clowns.....

Now I'm absolutely terrified of them

amazing in every way

I wasn't afraid of clowns before but now I feel so uncomfortable at the thought of them lol great work on this, it was truly terrifying and unsettling
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