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jack in the box and ms. stretchy have to be my favorites

I don't have words to describe this game....



game hay ae 

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Okay, so I have noticed some things during the game. For instance, in the second segment, after you have completed the first part, the first clown( Mr. Floaty) is seen with pictures of a little boy that is wearing a shirt that has blue and green stars on it (Which matches the clothes of the clown). Once you kill off Mr. Floaty, the picture on the right show infected lungs which can be the boy's lungs after a murder or something, and the clown exploding could be a sign of suffocation or something else. There is nothing much for the second clown other than an oil-filled bathtub painting. The third clown, Mr. Handy, has no pictures but you can see the pain he is going through as you break his fingers. Just like the first clown, the stretchy girl is surrounded by paintings of a girl wearing a polka-dotted dress just like the stretchy girl, and by killing her by stretching her arm, the painting on the top changes to clown arms grabbing the girl. Then there is the final clown, the jack-in-the-box. The clown seems to be evil as you leave the exhibit, as you go back to leave the other clowns on your way to the exit, the jack in the box's eyes glow. I know this might be a stretch but I have a feeling the villain is the clown in the painting after Mr. Handy. In some ways, it's kinda like fnaf. Besides the hidden lore, it is really good.


I left the music box untouched. Seems like a different door ending. I felt so bad hurting them. Mr. Handy was one of my favorites, breaking his fingers was just not for me...


Super super good! All of the exhibits were really cool and made retort in terror when i revisited them after fixing the lights. Special props for using Phaser 3 to make this game!


Bro.. Floaty and jack in the box were all the WIP texture, it was black and i had to turn a big buggy black rectangle..

-PS:i was scared AF when it happened

I'll see ifni can figure out what's causing the bug.


Jack in the box sprite didn't' work so it was just black rectangle for me :( 

Oh my! I'm not scared of clowns. Not even after watching the Killer Klowns from Outer Space way back in the 90s as a child. But after the Jack in the box turning the handle.....I may have to rethink that lol.  Bravo! adayofjoy! Bravo! I really did enjoy it, and can't wait to play more of your games I look forward to them!


this was amazing like I played this alot

Me gusta el juego pero me gustaria un 2do final


Hm. today I will upset the clown


This was my second gameplay so I spent 56 minutes before I broke Ms.Stretch I also did not break her immediately WHEN I was about to break I let go when she got afraid and she is my favorite by the way!


I just kinda... quit, because the characters were too cute, I just didn't want to hurt them :(

Guess the protagonist here is just gonna die, whatevs.

Also, yeah, I was scared as fuck.


This was so cool!! I felt so bad hurting Mrs. Stretch though, she's so cute!

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frog is cute


loved it!!! the art is pretty dope too.


This is great man! I am thoroughly impressed. I've never seen a simple point and click web game so well made. Sound design was great and animations were on point. Ill be following you, cant wait to see what you make next!


Thanks! Going to make sure my next game is equally interesting, though it will likely be a very different genre.

hi i played your game and i gotta say i really dig these typeof games. and i really like the cartoon style heres the video 

Awesome game. Definitely should play.

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I love the concept and the game!  You put it all together really smartly!  I honestly felt like I was the monster in this game.  I didn't want to hurt them.  Made me sad!!! 

Also, THANK YOU for actually including assets for people making youtube videos!  I wish ALL developers did that!

shoot i can't play 


Absolutely ADORED every second of this game!! The little changing details was magnificent! I love clowns, 10/10 will be playing again :)


spoiler!! is not a horror game :)


i love clowns. and i loved this.

is there a way to play it? (not run game)


not me feeling bad for the clowns 



frrrr like in my head i was hoping i didnt have to keep hurting themmm lmao


frr i felt so bad about hurting them, they were just chilling

my game only shows youtubeasstskit so i can't play it



i love it !


do you want make a feat?


oh my god, that was so terrifying, but so cool.



This was really cool!

strong game


Fantastic job, loved the art style and the creepy vibe!

Looking forward to your future works 👍

The art in this game is brilliant and gave a big feeling of "no I do not like this". Great job!

Such a fun and short game! Why are clowns so scary?... 

is there a way to download the app

not just play in the browser???

you need to buy it to get the download

i sent a tip of five dollaes

i sent a tip of five dollaes

press "no thanks" and then you can go to the download

it doesnt download the game it downloads other stuff

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